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Arranged Marriages of the Fae


Arranged Marriages of the Fae is a multi-author series of romantic

fantasy stand-alone novellas, designed to be read independently. Together, they feature arranged marriages in fae fantasy and offer complete romances while also allowing the reader to enjoy a variety of tones and approaches. Perfect for romantic fantasy readers with busy lives who love swoony romance. 


Raquel never expected to marry a bear...

To be fair, Prince Edom wasn’t actually a bear, but it was impossible to see his face through his mess of wild hair. Not that she needed to see his face. In fact, it was probably better that she didn’t.

Because she was going to kill him.

Dust Jacket.JPG

A tricky Fae prince.

A mortal bride with a vendetta.

And an OBSCENE amount of hair.

Dust Jacket.JPG
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